Life Coaching and Achievement Consulting

What is Life Coaching?

Imagine living the life that you have always dreamed about having - a life filled with purpose, passion, love, success, achievement, physical vitality, heartfelt connections and a deep sense of spiritual fulfillment.

Lifescope Solutions consultants have worked in partnership to successfully transform peoples' lives enabling them to reach their dreams and live their passion. The coaching program will allow you to discover and change by using the same tools, techniques and methodologies that have enabled high-level business and organisational leaders, artists, educators and medical professionals to radically transform their lives and their outcomes.

The program helps you to focus on the big picture, identifying your vision and your passion. Then you'll develop a plan that challenges you to live your life with conscious thought, decision and action.

Proven Tools and Techniques

Lifescope Solutions consultants use a number of proven tools and technologies that enable you to focus and achieve the desired change. You will be able to accomplish simply by having a clear vision, compelling purpose and a clear plan of how to get there.


  • Learn how to define your vision.
  • Set challenging goals.
  • Create a plan for action.
  • And achieve extraordinary results.

Accelerate and Transform Your Life

  • Develop a clear action plan to transform your life and bring you to a place of joy.
  • Become the leaders in your life, set the vision, action the plan and live the life you have dreamed!

Coaching: The Steps

  • Define your goals.
  • Determine what is preventing you from achieving them.
  • Create a plan for over coming those obstacles.

Coaching You to Success

You'll work one-on-one with your coach to develop a master Strategic Direction and Action Plan that clearly states your goals and defines the steps you need to take to reach them. Using a variety of strategies you will discover ways to overcome obstacles and internal self doubts that stand in your way.

Team up with a coach and start achieving today - bring a smile to your day and a passion to your life.

Strengthen Your Life Long Relationships

What is keeping you from increased intimacy with your loved ones?
You can achieve the closeness you deserve and desire. Renew your commitment to yourself and your family and discover a family life that can be filled with love, fun, understanding and peace. Discover how to live with open, honest and clear communication and how to be there for yourself and your family.

Create and Protect New Wealth

Now is the time to start planning for your future. Everyone wants to achieve financial independence, but do not possess the discipline and vision to get there. You need a concrete, realistic plan for financial freedom.

Evaluate Your Life With Unlimited Vitality

Are you satisfied with your body? Do you ever experience feelings of sluggishness? Make a commitment to yourself to sculpture the body you desire. Passion, energy and success in your life requires a body that is vibrant and nourished. Learn how to love your body and start focusing on a healthy vitalised life.

Embark On An Enriching Spiritual Quest

Dedicate yourself to discovering the infinite riches of a truly spiritual life. Take a journey towards genuine fulfillment by making a positive impact in the world. Lifescope Solutions can help you learn how to reconnect with your spiritual self and journey.

Climb To The Top Of Your Profession

Do you feel unfulfilled at work? Is there something preventing you from advancement? It's time to step up and boldly pursue your dreams of a financially and personally satisfying career.

Discover You Emotional And Psychological Strengths

True success in life requires that you embody emotional balance. Just like physical fitness, you need a disciplined regime to achieve emotional strength. Be accountable for your happiness by vitalising strategies and make peace with your emotions.

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